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Light and Shadows
Director of photography

Damian Daniel is a director of photography, his imagination was captured at school when he discovered a passion for the visual arts. His love of drawing and painting became a love of cinema and he is now one of the UK’s top directors of photography, working all around the globe with colleagues in the film industry. In his job it's important for Daniel to understand how light cannot pass through some materials and so creates shadows.

Sorting Solids of Different Sizes
Lab technician

Rhiannon Evans is a technician in a laboratory which tests soil. If a company wants to build a new structure, they have to find out what the ground on which they want to build is made of and whether it’s strong enough to bear the weight. When a company sends a sample of the soil to Rhiannon for analysis, as part of the testing, she uses a sieve stack, a tower of eight sieves with different sized holes. Rhiannon shakes the soil sample through the sieve stack and separates it into the component parts, she can then tell the company what the soil is made of and whether it’s safe to build.

The Heart is a Pump

Pavandeep Ghataorhe is a cardiologist, she works in a big hospital in London, helping people who have problems with their heart. Pav uses some sensitive machines to look at pictures of the heart and to measure the rate at which it is pumping blood around the body. These machines tell her whether the patient has a problem and whether they need medicine or an operation. In her job it’s important for Pav to know that the heart is a pump which circulates blood around the body.

Understand the Parts of a Flower

Duncan McCabe is a florist, working for a shop called McQueen’s in London. He is responsible for training students from all over the world, who come to his shop to learn McQueen's particular style of flower arranging. Duncan's trainees learn all sorts of displays from small bouquets to large weddings. As part of his job it’s very important that Duncan can identify the different parts of the flower.

Using Ratios
Paint mixer

Sam Kirwan is a manager at Jewson’s in Northampton. Her shop supplies everything you need for building and decorating. Sam sells paint in thousands of different colours. There would not be enough room in the shop to keep all the different shades, so part of Sam’s job is to mix different coloured paints together. To do this Sam needs to understand ratios, she has to programme the computer to mix the different colours in exactly the right proportions so the customer gets the paint they want.

Using Fractions

Yussef Dayes is a drummer in a successful band called United Vibrations. His job demands hours of rehearsal and regular performances at gigs and concerts. Music has always helped him to feel relaxed and positive.To play well he must keep the rhythm perfect, he and his band mate Kareem use fractions to get the right timings.

Choosing Correct Measuring Equipment

Deidre Carsen is a vet who works in a special hospital, in Newmarket, just for horses. If a horse is very ill, it can come to the hospital to get all the treatment it needs. When she was at school Deidre loved science but she also wanted to work with horses. Being a vet allows her to combine her love of science and her love of horses. Deidre knows that it’s important to use the right equipment when she needs to measure anything.

Discursive Connectives
Film reviewer

Matthew Leyland writes film reviews for his magazine, Total Film. He loves his job because he is able to go to lots of film premieres and meet many film stars. In his magazine Matthew tells his readers what he thinks about the film but he also has to represent other opinions, so in his job it’s really important that he knows how use language that can represent different points of view.

Scan Text for Information

Samantha Woodhouse is a nurse at a busy teaching hospital in Blackpool, she spends her time on the wards looking after her patients. Samantha’s job involves administering medicine and injections, taking temperatures and measuring blood pressure. Each of her patients has a set of notes which tells Samantha about their medical condition. In her job it’s important that she can scan the text, so that she has all the information she needs to take care of her patients.

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